Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or raiding the fridge in the dead of the night, the dining room is no doubt, the best place to enjoy good food (or yummy takeout’s) And this room need lots of TLC too! If your dining area is looking a little drab, outdated, or simply disorganized, a little redecorating is in order. Now if you’re worried about spending a small fortune on redecorating the dining room, don’t be! These small apartment ideas will help you refresh the dining room for less:

Add a Focal Point in the Room

A statement piece draws the eyes naturally to the dining room while also defining this space. And a stunning statement piece is not limited to a (pricey!) crystal chandelier. You can paint the ceiling a bold shade, hang eye-catching artworks on a blank wall, or mix and match bold prints to reflect your eclectic taste! Mixing and matching different textures and patterns help bring in new energy to the room and elevate the dining room’s style.

Decorate the Table

Setting a decorative vase, a bowl of fruits, scented candles, a group of potted succulents, or a vase of fresh cut flowers on the dining table is a terrific way to refresh the dining room’s style and make mealtimes feel extra fancy. Be creative, use different decors to fit a certain theme or season. You can make these tabletop decors yourself or buy them at reasonable prices. The options are endless! Whatever decors you choose to decorate your table, I’m sure it will help create beautiful moments spent in the dining room with the fam.

small apartment design ideas

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Set the Mood

Stark lighting could distract you from the food that’s in front of you or the company you keep in the dining room. That’s because bold or arresting lighting kills a mood. Set the mood by dimming the light source in the dining room. You can install a dimmer or light a few candles to create a soft lighting that’s perfect for intimate convos.

Dress Up the Floor

Adding area rugs to any room in the home is always a good idea. Rugs protect the floor from scuffs; they insulate the space and absorb noise while also adding a dash of color to the room. Area rugs come in an array of colors, sizes, and design to choose from so the possibilities are endless! If you want to define the dining room, I highly suggest opting for an oversized rug set underneath the tables and chairs. Have the edge of the rug set closer to the wall.

Table Cloth and Coasters

For a quick and effortless way to transform your dining table, add a tablecloth with a bold shade or stunning prints. The eye-catching shade/pattern brings new energy to the room. Not a fan of using tablecloths? Try using decorative coasters or placemats instead. These pieces add brightness and a pop of color to the dining room while protecting the surface of the table! Go for coasters or placemats in neutral or metallic shades to make your dining setup look expensive.

small apartment design ideas

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Use a Bar Cart

One of my favorite small apartment design ideas for small spaces involves using a multipurpose piece to extend a room’s storage space and boost its functionality. A bar cart makes a sound investment if your dining room is on the petite side. You can use a bar cart to accentuate your dining room while also adding a flair of style to the room. Simply set several accent pieces to the bar cart and you have a functional centerpiece. Style it with your best wine glasses, metallic decors, and vintage stemware to add personality to your dining room.

Mismatched Dining Furniture

I’m all for matching dining table and chairs but if you want to give your dining room color and character, don’t be afraid to mix and match different chairs. For instance, if your dining set is done in wood, you can switch out a couple of the chairs for acrylic or plastic chairs to create interest. No need to match colors, try coordinating the chairs with the rest of the room. You can also opt for chairs done in a completely different design from the table to create a high contrast, custom look.

small apartment design ideas

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Add a Wine Rack

Love the look of a mounted wine rack in your favorite restaurant? You can imitate this styling to give your dining room a refined, luxurious look in an instant. Wine racks come in all shapes and sizes but for small spaces, opt for a wall-mount wine rack, a tabletop wine rack, or a compact wine rack that pull double duty as a side table. These pieces are not only affordable; they will elevate the look of the dining room. Heck, you can even make a stylish wine rack to save $$$! Fill the wine rack with a combination of vintage and cheap wine and voila, you have brought the warmth of the cellar into your dining room!

Decorate with Mirrors

Add a touch of elegance to the dining room by hanging a large mirror on the blank wall. The more unique the design, the better! Decorating with mirrors enhances the play of light in a room. It can brighten the dining room while also making small spaces look positively palatial. Also, eating in front of a mirror could help you lose weight. Studies show that people who eat in front of a mirror make the food seem less appetizing, leading to reduced caloric consumption. Who knew?

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It's Time To Design The Home Of Your Dreams!

Did you ever dream of redesigning your home but felt overwhelmed by the process? We can help! Click below to Access the Space Optimized Free Course “Learning To Design The Home of Your Dreams!” and get started today!

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