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Small Apartment DIY: Tufted Headboard by BHG

Love the look of a fancy tufted headboard but hate its eye-watering price? You'll love this quick and easy small apartment DIY! There's just something about tufted headboard that makes a plain bedroom look extra cozy and ostentatious. Unfortunately, those fancy tufted...

7 Everyday Items Hog Unnecessary Space in Your Microapartment Right Now

When you live in a microapartment, every square inch of space counts! Unfortunately, there are common household items that are taking up way too much space. Some of these items are supposed to be useful but they end up adding to the clutter. You could be using the...

Easy Small Apartment Hack: DIY Pendant Light Trio

Add a cheery burst of brightness in dark, somber interiors with this quick and easy small apartment hack! Here’s how to DIY your way into crafting decorative pendant lights

Our Favorite Madrid Rentals on AirBnb

Looking for a fabulous rental in marvelous Madrid? We’ve got you covered! We’re listing down our favorite small apartment and home rentals you can book via Airbnb!

This Customized Tiny Home Costs a Measly $700 to Build

Who says you need millions of dollars to build a home? These tiny home enthusiasts were able to DIY their way into building a guesthouse for just $700! The best part? It only took three weeks to complete this kitschy little home. Photographer Alla Ponomareva and her...

10 Tips to Refresh Your Microapartment on the Cheap for the New Year

There is just something about the New Year that brings the itch for change! If your living room interiors are looking tired and outdated, this is the perfect time to update your microapartment! Making small changes in the living room creates a huge impact on the...

Small Apartment DIY: Pineapple Pendant Light

New Year, new projects! Escape the dreary weather by making your own tropical pendant lights! Here’s an easy peasy small apartment DIY to warm up your home

Snuggle Up! Apartment Design Tips For a Cozy Living Room

Nothing is better than relaxing in your cozy living room after a long day at work! But what if the living room isn’t as cozy or as inviting as you’d like? Maybe the overall apartment design is off or the way the pieces of furniture are set up is making the living room...

8 Simple Ways to Soundproof Your Apartment

From deafening traffic noise to annoying hallway chatter, learn how to block ambient sound and keep the peace in your microapartment with these simple tips

8 Hallway Styling Tips for a Small Home

Styling your small home entryway? These practical styling tips will help you create a beautiful entryway you’d be proud to show off!

Small Home DIY: Pretty Hanging Shelves

Expand your small home’s limited storage space by getting your DIY on! Optimize your vertical space with these pretty hanging shelves

Declutter 101: How to Motivate Yourself to Organize Your Small Home

Organizing the home may be unexciting and taxing for most people but it isn’t a thankless job at all. Seeing the whole house looking all pristine and organized just warms the heart. This goes regardless if you live in a big or small home. Decluttering isn’t something...

Decorating with Plants: How to Add a Pop of Green in a Minimalist House

Nothing like decorating with houseplants to liven up an otherwise plain space. This goes especially for a minimalist house; a pop of green in the home makes a big, bold statement. Adding houseplants to your living is also a great way to make your home feel even...

Sibling Bedroom Design Tips for a Small Apartment

Not everyone has the luxury to have their own bedroom...especially for families living in the city. Raising kids in a small apartment has its challenges. For one thing, the kids often have to share the bedroom to make the most out of the limited space. And kids being...

DIY Wine Rack: Because a Tiny Home Deserves More Vino

Got wine? Display your wine collection in the most stylish way possible with a DIY wine rack. I found this cool tutorial and it's the perfect wine rack for a tiny home! It's compact, easy to build, and even easier to install. Yes, you'll use basic tools but it's not...

Astiankuivauskaappi: A Finnish Innovation Fit For a Minimalist House

Washing the dishes is one of my least favorite household chores. I know, I know...It only takes a minute but I just dread it. I could always use a dishwasher for cleanup, but the whole process still requires more effort than necessary. After all, dirty dishes won't...

The Incredible Color of Prince Edward Island, Canada

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of traveling to the magical world of Prince Edward Island, Canada. The home of Anne of Green Gables is incredible! It has stunning seaside views, charming locals, red sand beaches, and the most delicious mussels I have ever...

10 Incredible Ideas To Create “Rooms” In A Studio Apartment

Microapartments with open floor plans leave a lot of room for creativity in terms of styling the space. And if you live in a small flat, the living room and dining rooms are most likely incorporated in the same area. An integrated living-dining room is a popular home...

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It's Time To Design The Home Of Your Dreams!

Did you ever dream of redesigning your home but felt overwhelmed by the process? We can help! Click below to Access the Space Optimized Free Course “Learning To Design The Home of Your Dreams!” and get started today!

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