Is your home messy all the time? Do you work hard cleaning your microapartment and yet, piles of junk seems to magically appear everywhere? Do you ever wonder where all the mess comes from? Clutter, you have it, I have it. One might think that clutter builds easily in larger homes but you’d be surprised, small spaces are much more of a clutter-magnet.

Maintaining a clean home is a lot of work as it is but constantly clearing clutter is especially draining. If clutter keeps building up everywhere, then you have a clutter problem. No one wants to be a clutter bug and if you are tired of constantly working to clear clutter in your microapartment, you have to find out the real cause of the problem. Here are the reasons why your home is always a mess:

You have no idea it’s clutter

Knowing the kind of clutter that piles in your home is one way to organize your living space. For most people, clutter is just a pile of junk that should have been tossed out a long time ago. That’s not the case most of the time. Clutter could take the form of valuable items that’s 1) haven’t been used for a long time or 2) things that’s been stored improperly.

Clutter could be anything from your rock collection to that mountain of dirty laundry on the floor. It could be the many books in your collection that you have not read in 10 years or clothes you bought in a flea market back in ’02. If you are committed to keeping your dwelling spick and span, collect all the unused, neglected, or forgotten items that are only gathering dust in storage and donate them.

You let paper pile on

Do you keep piles of paper in your home? Is your microapartment littered with coupons, old magazines, bills, junk mail, newspaper, or unread mail? Paper is usually the starting point of clutter and keeping piles of it only makes your home look and feel chaotic!

To clear any type of paper clutter, keep a small recycle bin near the front door. This way, tossing junk mail is much easier. Create a filing system so you can keep and track of important mails and throw useless mail in the recycle bin. If you have piles of magazines that you haven’t read in months, consider canceling your subscriptions and signing up for a digital subscription. If piles of paper found their way into your drawers and shelves, take time to clear them out so you have extra storage space for important items.


You do not put things where they belong

Do you have the unfortunate habit of taking things out and somehow never putting them back where you got them? If the answer is yes then it’s no wonder your microapartment is teeming with clutter! Forgetting to put things where they belong easily leads to a disorganized home and no one wants that.

Make it a point to put all the things you took to their rightful places. If you completed a certain task, arrange all the items you used back to where they belong. Be proactive. If you are seeing things that are out of place, place them back in their rightful places immediately.

You don’t clean your home often enough

When was the last time you gave your microapartment a thorough cleaning? Cleaning isn’t exactly easy (or fun) and being busy, distracted by work or personal stuff, we tend to forget the last time we cleaned the house. Essentially, clutter builds up due to sheer neglect!

To keep your home spick and span, stick to a regular cleaning schedule. If you need reminders, make an alert on your mobile phone then mark your calendar for good measure. Sticking to a regular cleaning schedule allows you to keep track of how often you clean your home, which is important if you want to clear the clutter.

If you prefer cleaning one small area at a time, do it. Give yourself at least 30 minutes every day cleaning one spot in the home to the next. Make cleaning a habit. Once you’ve established a good routine, you can clear the clutter without even realizing it.


You’re not maximizing your storage space

Sometimes even valuable items become clutter because they are not stored properly. Living in small spaces means stretching what little storage space you have. Maximize the storage space in your home and keep clutter at bay by using a variety of storage solutions.

Trays, baskets, bins, hooks, and jars are just a few of the many containers that will minimize clutter. Having room for storing small items means less mess on your surface space. Apart from using small containers for organizing small items, try grouping similar items together, especially in the kitchen.

You buy too much stuff and you don’t know when to let go

Got a small collection of painting materials that are gathering dust because you moved on to another hobby? How about the ten sleeping bags that you forgot you have in storage? Hoarding a lot of stuff will not only lead to a chaotic, storage-strapped home, you are also wasting a lot of money on things that you do not need. Worse, you don’t know how to let these unused or forgotten items go!

If you want to clear the clutter and maximize your storage space, it’s time to curate the things that you want to keep, donate or give away the rest to friends or charity. Avoid buying things just because you can and never hoard.


You’re not motivated enough to declutter

According to Daniel Hommer, M.D., chief of brain imaging at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, in Maryland, clutter may be caused by a phenomenon known as delayed discounting. If a goal takes a long time to be reached, we tend to value the said goal less and less. This could explain the lack of motivation to get rid of clutter.

If you dislike the idea of cleaning in the first place, you won’t be motivated to clean your microapartment at all. In the end, clutter piles up and your home becomes a mess. You want to make decluttering easy and convenient so you become more motivated to clean. Start with small projects and give yourself a reward each time you complete one project. Keep at it until all the cleaning projects you have in line are done.

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It's Time To Design The Home Of Your Dreams!

Did you ever dream of redesigning your home but felt overwhelmed by the process? We can help! Click below to Access the Space Optimized Free Course “Learning To Design The Home of Your Dreams!” and get started today!

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