Let’s get real, it is hard to decorate a small space much more a small studio apartment. The lack of partition in between spaces can be daunting for those new to those designing their own spaces.

Decorating a small studio apartment presents a unique set of challenges but one thing to keep in mind when dressing up a space is to focus on functionality and style above all else. You want to get the best of both worlds so you can enjoy a space that’s truly customized for your needs, no matter the size. If you need more help, check out these decorating ideas:

Cozy Corners

Thanks to your studio’s modest floor space, it’s much easier to create cozy nooks for you and your loved ones to relax. To give the illusion of an expansive space as well as to maximize every square inch of space, you have to plan your set up well and use the right pieces of furniture.

Dressing up the corners creates a more intimate living arrangement. You can transform these spaces as a dining room or as a sleeping area, whatever works for your needs but don’t forget to complement these spaces with the right pieces to achieve the ambiance that you want.

Carving Out a Living Room

Make TV watching much easier by creating a separate living room. Yes, it is hard to split such a small studio apartment into different sections without sacrificing some dining or bedroom space but it’s possible by being creative with wall paint. Use the wall paint to create an accent wall. The accent wall work as a visual barrier that defines the living room.

If for some reason you are not allowed to repaint your rental, use temporary wallpaper or wall decals, you’ll achieve the same effect. Use the accent wall as the base for the living room; add a couch, TV, entertainment system, and other decors to warm up the space.

small studio apartment

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Storage Pieces as Barriers

Splitting one large apartment into different living areas is always hard but you can use storage pieces to designate and define each room. Any type of storage piece will do, a bookcase, a desk, console table, stacked shelving, even a clothing rack works as a physical barrier that defines a room from the rest of your interiors. The best part? These makeshift room dividers help provide extra storage. Let’s face it, storage is always at a premium for people living in tiny rentals.

90-Degree Arrangement

Most studio apartments come with a long, narrow living room. Decorating such layout without thinking much about the furniture arrangement may cause the design to look tunnel-like and you don’t want that.

You can make the most out of the space while also defining the room by setting the pieces of furniture at a 90-degree angle and perpendicular to the length of the room. This time-honored arrangement gives the illusion of a larger space while also maximizing all the available spaces in the living room.

small studio apartment

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Think of the Flow

When going in and out of any room, do you bump into corners while walking? If you have friends over, do some of your friends stand up to let others pass through? Are you unable to open some of your doors all the way? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have a problem with the flow of the design.

The flow of the design should never be restrained or obstructed in any way. This goes especially for a small studio apartment with an open floor plan, there should be a clear path for foot traffic so you and the rest of the household are not bumping into things all the time. If the flow of the design is blocked, your apartment will look even smaller and more crowded.

Generally, you want to think about how much traffic that comes through a specific room before fixing your arrangement. In the living room, for example, you can improve the flow of the design by creating and defining a straight pathway on one side of the room. This is an easy fix for small and narrow living rooms. You can also opt for a walkway in front of the sofa. This trick is perfect if you want to make a small living room appear larger. Essentially, make sure you have a space for foot traffic that’s always clear and unobstructed.

Low Profile Pieces

While tall pieces of furniture look elegant, these are not the most space-efficient so these pieces are best for larger homes. For a small studio apartment, invest in low profile pieces of furniture in contemporary midcentury designs. Low profile pieces of furniture sit much closer to the floor, which makes the ceilings and windows appear taller. These pieces make a small room appear airy and large so your home does not look or feel like a dollhouse.

small studio apartment

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Multipurpose Furniture

Going furniture shopping anytime soon? If you are on the hunt for pieces of furniture for your studio apartment, opt for multipurpose pieces or transforming furniture so you can get more use out of these pieces. Pieces of furniture that pulls double duty help create a cozy living space while adding functionality and style to the room. On top of that, multipurpose pieces of furniture save more space.

A sofa with hidden storage is more space efficient than a regular couch. The same thing goes for expanding coffee tables, beds with hidden storage spaces, etc., there is no need to buy separate storage pieces at all, which adds to the style and flow of the room.

Make Every Corner Work Harder

To truly transform your tiny nest, you should always take advantage of all available spaces. That includes awkward corners, overlooked nooks, and crannies. You can make these spaces work harder by being creative in terms of utilizing these to their fullest. For instance, a sunny spot near the windows could be transformed into a breakfast or a reading nook. An awkward corner could be decorated with storage pieces so you can maximize the floor space.

small studio apartment

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Define Each Room

The problem with decorating a small studio apartment on a shoestring budget is that the design tends to look too utilitarian. If you want to create a functional design that suits your needs, don’t be afraid to invest in your home’s design so each room looks purposefully designed and not strictly functional.

Each section must serve a distinct purpose, every space should feel like a standalone room despite the lack of walls or physical barriers. Finishing touches like rugs, accent decors, artworks, these design components make a room look complete.

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It's Time To Design The Home Of Your Dreams!

Did you ever dream of redesigning your home but felt overwhelmed by the process? We can help! Click below to Access the Space Optimized Free Course “Learning To Design The Home of Your Dreams!” and get started today!

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