What accent chair suits your small apartment? You’d be surprised how hard it is, choosing just one or two! Accent chairs come in all sort of shades and sizes; there are endless options to choose from. Accent chairs help harmonize a living space. These pieces add color and personality to otherwise plain or bland interiors.

But what makes the perfect accent chair? The right style and texture, the perfect size and color, all these are just a few of the many factors that you should consider when making a choice on what accent chair to get. In today’s guide, let’s outline all the important small apartment tips you need to consider when picking the perfect accent chair for your dwelling:

Classic or Contemporary?

Generally, accent chairs come in two styles: classic and contemporary. Classic accent chairs feature a timeless design that goes well with most themes. Usually, the design is quite ornate or complex made from a wooden frame and luxurious fabrics. A classic accent chair is made to add elegance and drama to the living room arrangement. It makes a stately addition to any room!

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On the other hand, contemporary accent chairs usually feature clean, sleek designs and fun, funky colorways. Most contemporary accent chairs come in fun, bright shades or eye-catching prints. However, there are neutral varieties too! Contemporary accent chairs have a more casual look and feel than classic accent chairs. These pieces are best if you’d like to add a bit of fun and coziness to your living space.

Accent Chair Types

Arm Chair

As the name implies, this seating piece features side supports where you can rest your arms. Usually, armchairs feature a classic design, neutral or luxe fabric, and a high back. This accent chair type is perfect for homes with a strong classic theme. Apart from working as an accent chair, an armchair can be used as a regular dining chair or living room chair.

Armless Chair

This accent chair is the exact opposite of the armchair; it doesn’t come with arm supports at all. Armless chairs are more compact than a traditional chair so it’s a great one to have if you have a small apartment. This chair is also best paired with a sofa or a love seat. Most armless chairs feature a sleek, contemporary design and/or a funky colorway/print to match.

Sculptural Chair

This statement-making accent chair is designed to stick out and add drama to a space. Sculptural chairs make a cozy seating piece so these are perfect for lounging around for a long period of time. This accent chair design is the best choice for interiors with a modern or contemporary theme. Apart from providing more seating spaces for your guests, this accent chair also works as a decorative piece. You can use a sculptural chair as the main focal point of a room!

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Small Apartment Tips on Picking the Perfect Accent Chair

Function and Style

What purpose will the accent chair serve? Are you adding an accent chair simply to elevate the look of your living room setup or will the piece provide practical purposes, like a reading chair? Are you getting an accent chair to make a style statement or mostly because you need to stretch the room’s seating capacity?

The purpose of the accent chair is one of the key factors to consider when making a choice what style to get. Once you decided on the purpose of the chair, you can go ahead and focus on the visual appeal of the piece. Regardless if you chose a modern or classic accent chair design, don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles to create an eclectic furniture setup that’s uniquely yours.

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Color Scheme

What’s your home’s color scheme? You want an accent chair that complements your existing color scheme, not clash with it. The wrong accent chair could make your living room setup appear awkward. No need to go matchy-matchy either.

An accent chair, as the name implies, is designed to accentuate your living space, not blend with the rest of the interiors. Choose a shade that elevates the existing interiors while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your dwelling. Also, make sure the shade of the accent chair is seen throughout the room’s color scheme. For instance, a metallic accent chair works great in a plain white room with existing metallic accents.


What material or fabric options to consider for your accent chair? The tone, consistency, and shade of the material are also important things to consider when choosing an accent chair. You want to make sure that these elements suit or enhance your interiors for consistency.

Since accent chairs are primarily designed to add visual interest in a room, you can get away with a bright colored or eye-catching piece. An accent chair with an interesting detail, particularly a bright shade, makes the perfect addition to a neutral room. A leather accent chair will look amazing in a classic home theme while a piece covered in woven textiles adds a bit of hygge to your space. Small touches, such as furry pillows or small metallic decors, all over the room add cohesion to the overall setup.

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Size and Placement

Decorating according to scale is perhaps one of the most important small apartment tips on this list! It’s tempting to get a cushy, massive accent chair but if the proportions of the chair do not fit your space then opt for a more space efficient piece. A too large or too small accent chair will only ruin the look of your living room setup, making the space appear awkward or uninviting.

If you have enough room for two or more accent chairs then go ahead and add these to your current setup. As long as the room is large enough, you can add a maximum of 4 accent chairs. If you want to create a more intimate, conversational atmosphere, set the accent chair opposite the main sofa. If you are using a pair of accent chairs, set one accent chair on the right side opposite the main sofa and another to the left side.

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