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If you’re not one of those lucky people who’s blessed with a large and airy living room, don’t start hating on your house just yet! Yes, having a tiny living room can upset the whole dynamic of your home and create that boxed in feeling. However, did you know that there are so many ways you can trick the eye with, and make your small space seem larger than it really is? Well, here are some tricks interior designers often use to create an illusion of space and put what you have to good use.

Use Neutral Colors

One of the easiest, cost-effective and most popular ways to enlarge a small space is to employ color—more precisely, neutral and soft colors. You can use off-white or beige shades on your walls, floors, ceilings and even furniture! These colors will make it seem like the walls are farther apart than they actually are, and give you an illusion of space. They also bounce off the light and provide better illumination to your small room. Plus, they are practically timeless and will look elegant and calming in your living room.

Glass is Your Friend

As you know, glass with its see-through property takes up almost zero visual space, unlike plastics or wood. So, when choosing a coffee table or an end table, make sure to opt for glass!

small living room

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Decorate with Mirrors

Enlarging the interior with mirrors isn’t a new trick, but it’s still more than useful! Many designers often reach for reflective surfaces to decorate a small living room in order to provide it with more visual space and make it seem larger. The best results are usually achieved when the mirror is hanged in the middle of the wall, somewhere very “central” and visible. This creates a focal point that reflects light and creates a beautiful atmosphere while boosting the space. And, if your central position happens to be right across from a window, you’ll create an illusion of a second window!

Choose (Visually) Light Furniture

You can’t simply go without an armchair and a sofa in your living room to make it feel more spacious, but what you can do is choose appropriate furniture. Make sure to opt for pieces that have a very light visual weight. This means that they are perceived as light in weight, size, color, and design. Items that seem heavy will only additionally smother the space. For instance, there are beautiful sofas that come in soft, paler tones, and have visible legs. Furniture models like these will attract less attention and even obstruct the view less, thus making your living room seem more capacious!

Pro tip: don’t hesitate to pick out pieces that can seat a lot of people. Sofas that hug the walls may not look bulky and boxy, but they will definitely provide you with comfort!

small living room

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Follow the Lines

If you want to spice up the space and add some interest to it, you can go with geometry and you’ll certainly not make a mistake! Geometric shapes and lines, especially linear prints, have an ability to give the space a sense of structure AND they keep the eye in constant motion (this prevents the brain from realizing how small the space actually is). These lines will also create an illusion of additional width and length! So, opt for striped throws or decorative pillows, add some lines to your floors with geometric carpets, or create a wall art gallery that is very organized and gridded!

Hide Weird Angles

Small living rooms often tend to have plenty of weird spaces, angles, and corners that can’t really be utilized or removed. And, since these awkward architectural elements often attract a lot of attention, you must do something to redirect attention somewhere else. One of the great ways to do so is to employ an accent wall that will pull the eye to the seating.

small living room

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Use Every Inch of Space

Because you don’t have any space to waste, you must utilize every inch of flooring, or every awkward area you can! For instance, you know that space under the coffee table? Well, unless you have shelves, make sure to employ it by tucking additional seating under it! You’ll probably need an extra seat or two when you have guests over, and you can easily push these ottomans under your table once they leave! Plus, some models even have hidden storage under the seat, which you can use for storing various clutter.

Boost Height with Drapes

The right window treatment can really help you add some height to your room. The key is in choosing long draperies and hanging them almost from the ceiling. Let them reach the floor or even puddle on the ground a little. This window treatment will direct the eye upwards and put an emphasis on the vertical instead of your tiny horizontal.

These easy tricks will definitely make your tiny space move away from that ugly dorm vibe, and leave you with a stylish and visually comfy living room!

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