A couple of weeks back; we’ve featured Tiffany The Tiny Home on our Instagram page and got lots of questions regarding this stunning tiny home on wheels (follow Space Optimized on Instagram, if you haven’t already!)

The Tiffany house is a beautiful, 1920’s craftsman-style bungalow built by Adam Lehman from A New Beginning Tiny Home. The 270 square-foot portable home features a distinct Tiffany-blue exterior (hence, the name), custom-built stained glass front door, pocket bathroom door, and a 24-foot TumbleWeed trailer.

Inside, The Tiffany features 2 lofts, barrel ceiling, custom cabinetry, and a reclaimed cedar tub. The walls are crafted from dark reclaimed wood with white walls and more Tiffany blue accents all around.

Tiffany the tiny home

The house comes with a corner kitchen complete with a walnut butcher-block countertop, bead board ceilings, and a sink with plenty of storage spaces and provisions for larger appliances. The dining area features a folding leaf dining table with matching footstools.

The living room, which is set across the dining area, comes with a custom upholstered bench set by the window. The matching footstools can be tucked under the bench to save more space. The loft beds, on the other hand, are warm and cozy with amazing headroom. The sleeping quarters are surrounded by windows so there is plenty of natural light during the day!

Under the loft-style bedrooms are the bathroom and the laundry area. The compact bathroom boasts a color-coordinated toilet and bowl sink, tiled shower room, and yes, a removable cedar tub!

Tiffany the tiny home

Tim and Sam, along with top cat Oliver, are the proud owners of the Tiffany Home. They’ve been living in Florida for 4 years and have been upgrading the Tiffany home to customize the dwelling according to their needs. Talk about flexibility!

If you love the idea of paring down your lifestyle and living in a tiny house, then we’ve got a treat for you: we sat down with Tim and Sam for an interview and they were more than happy to share their own experiences living their best lives in a downsized dwelling:

What made you decide to switch to a minimalist lifestyle?

We started to look at houses and realized there is so much wasted space that we would end up paying for. We didn’t want to live the life of “keeping up with the Jones” and wanted to try out living with less and see what a difference it would make in our lives.

What kind of adjustments did you experience as you started paring down your lifestyle?

Getting rid of memorabilia was a big adjustment and to continue not to buy a lot of those things during our travels was an adjustment. We started to look at things differently, in more of a functional way rather than a “want”. Our shopping habits rapidly changed as we never go to the mall or outlets anymore, which is rather nice.

How was life before the Tiffany? How has life changed since you moved into the Tiffany home?

Life was pretty standard. We lived in two separate homes. Moving into Tiffany has been amazing. A lot has changed, we have learned more about each other as a couple such as habits and traits. We have learned to communicate better since living in such as a small place like Tiffany. Overall, we have grown even closer as a couple.

How much did you save by adopting a minimalist mindset?

We save tens of thousands of dollars annually. Because of the amount of money we save we are able to do as we please. Right now we have been saving up and just bought some land to build another tiny house to rent out to others to have them experience living tiny. Not only will this bring in more revenue for both of us but the money we save we are able to make more investments to hopefully retire early in the long run.

What were the challenges that you overcame as you made the transition to downsizing your home?

As mentioned before, some challenges were getting rid of memorabilia or sentimental things that were close to our heart.

What was the reaction of your loved ones when you decided to buy a wheeled home instead of a house?

Everyone was actually pretty supportive. They loved the idea and thought overall it was kind of funny. Tim’s mom said, “Things are never normal for you”. We have great loved ones in our lives and they always support our crazy ideas.

What were the upgrades and customizations that you had made after moving into the Tiffany home?

We added Oliver’s litter box hidden away under the stairs. We also added a new flush toilet with a bidet. We changed out some of the lightings to high quality LED trims and tape. Sam also made a projector screen out of an old tapestry for a projector in the bedroom to watch some Netflix. Recently, we added new handmade Tiffany stained glassed pendants over the kitchen sink.

Was it difficult living in a small home with Oliver the cat? Would you recommend your current living arrangement to other pet owners?

Oliver loves this home! We were worried about him at first because he loves to run and play. But he has a great time jumping from window to window and hanging out on the beam that supports the fan. We encourage others to include their furry friends in their tiny home designs. We can’t imagine life without our buddy, so it was only fair to make sure he felt at home here too.

Does living simply feel more rewarding? How so?

Living simply is rewarding because it takes away a lot of the distractions that stopped us from enjoying life more. We are more present and more intentional with our time. We appreciate time with loved ones more. We really take the time to think before spending our money on things. And we love it!

What makes the Tiffany special? What’s your favorite part of the house?

Tiffany is one of a kind. We love the flow of the space and how functional every inch is. Every space is optimally used. The stained glass is our favorite part. There’s nothing like coming home to the lights shining through the colorful windows on our home.

Did you play a role in designing the Tiffany?

We bought Tiffany when she was nearly finished, and asked for our own custom touches to be added. We continuously add our own spin on things in the home to make it the best possible home for us.

Any advice for our readers who are also thinking about downsizing?

Take a look around your home and find the items that you haven’t used in over a month. Sell it! You’d be shocked at the thousands of dollars live in your home in unwanted or unused items. Make the best use of your space and focus on creating a functional home that serves you and makes you happy.

Keep up with Tim and Sam as they discover the beauty of living simply by checking out their blog! For tips and tricks about sticking to a minimalist mindset, follow Tim and Sam’s Instagram page.

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